The wishes of Dashain have started to flood messenger/Instagram/text/Facebook. It is the amazing time of the year. Out of four Dashain observed in the month of Asadh, Asoj, Magh and Chaitra, Asoj-Dashain also known as Bada Dashain is celebrated by most.

The vibes and festivities are smelt everywhere. I remember once asked, “why do you like Dashain?” I responded with, “the vibe in the air is pleasant and I was made fun of that”.

But now I can explain, the ending of summer and welcoming the fall or Sharad Ritu is the pleasance adding to the positivity. Like all the families have, we do have our own culture of fasting for nine days, Saptasati path and Havan on vijayadashami and yes, my Buwa fast too.

 It has never been that only woman fast in the family 😉. I also have a very brief memory of visiting my native village, Khajuri where Jhijhiya used to be performed.  We do enjoy our fresh fruits and yoghurt and lots of chit-chat and family time as intermittent fast is considered good too.

It had been 10 years that I have missed Dashain and getting Jayanthi from my elders. I still fast but miss the hands loaded with blessings touching my forehead from my parents and visiting Bhagwati mandir.

Dashain always holds a very special place in my heart as it not only symbolizes good over evils but also revitalizing moment along with friends and family. And yeah, a deity, a woman swaroop is worshipped for nine days, but what is the proper way of worshipping and paying respect to women is a topic for next time 🙂.

Glad I was never devoid of entering puja kotha or having tika-jamara or offering my prayers even if on my periods. Like any other aspects in the society, there are so many things that can be reformed in Dashain celebration too as change is inevitable and hopefully the main message of discipline/respect/love/sanity/culture/solidarity will be passed to the next generation when talking about Dashain.

Because whatever we do after few generations, it will require some sort of reforms but hopefully the essence of Dashain will remain same. Let’s Dashain be also a journey to figure out spirituality where one can find its own path to serenity via discipline, rather than religion where we are guided to follow the tradition.

The recent studies have shown that those who follows spirituality have low depression/suicidal/anxiety rate, so lets help people follow spirituality rather than imposing anything.

So, although I miss home the most now and a big thankyou to Sujit dada- Sharmila Vauju for sending tika-jamara even by mail, I want to wish everyone celebrating dashain, bada dashain 2078 BS ko Hardik Mangalmaya shubhakamana.


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