Every time I get a text or call from Nalina or James, Kanchan or Becky, that just bring smile on my face. The funny thing is that we do not even receive the call if we do not have at least an hour to chit chat on phone, so what helps us to get connected is just texting/sending memes etc. Life has never been or will ever be easy on anyone but what makes us keep going is the support system we make over time and that is the friendship we make in the journey called LIFE. I am not saying we do not fight or argue, we do to the extent that seems like, we cannot stand each other but what always brings us together is the love and respect for each other. They are the one with whom you can talk about politics to movies, jokes to social injustice, racism to bullying. These all conversation are not easy and never had been, but your friends will guide you to be better. Whenever I am discussing the topics like women’s rights to political views, we always have conflicting views/ideas when I am talking to Om or Sus, but then it helps me to get a different point of views.

We all have our own biases and so do I, the best way to overcome these biases is that I identify them and work on it. I remember taking a class on diversity where the instructor says that “we all are predisposed with our own biases but do not ever get afraid to learn from those who are not like you”. So, I try to be a better version of myself every day and I cannot do that without my friends. The idea of success always motivates us and believe me those who are your friends take pride in showing that. They motivate you when you are down, they will just sit next to you and cracks jokes, also they will never miss a chance to pass on jokes about you, but they will always stand up for you when someone speaks bitter about you. Trust me if you got such people in life then you are blessed with the best. I always witness people applauding their family and friends for any accomplishment and I do want to take that opportunity to applaud my friend too when I get chance, be it during my school when I have to sit down with Christy or Sonali to vent out about daily chores or text Nilesh to discuss about science or family affairs. All of these have significantly contributed to my development, and I take pride in carrying the part of them with me. At times when your family and spouses can’t be there in some unprecedented times but then there are friends who will be there to guide you. So, I always treasure my moments that I get to spend with Samriddhi.

I always witness smile on face of anyone when they talk about their friends and share their stories. So, friends are the integral parts of life, and I will try to refrain myself saying I have friends like family or saying that my family is like my friends, because each of them have their individual contribution in the life. On this friendship day, I would like to wish all my friends a very happy friendship day. Also, if anyone of your friend hurt you which can happen as we all are flawed human, try to communicate but never do that at the expense of your own respect and c’mon you all know what I mean 😊. So Viddya, Susila, Rachana and Devika, pardon me if I do not reach out to you more often but I love you. I am sure I might lose some of my friends due to communication gaps or my stupidity but then I will learn from my own mistakes and will make some new too, right Ranzu 😉?

I want to take this moment to wish all my friends a very Happy Friendship Day!


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